Online Branding for SME's and Start-ups

A customer-oriented open source services that VALUES your Starting Business.


Innovaterra is a full service 100% Filipino web service provider. Our mission is to create a small, easy to use business platform solutions and provide professional business logos for company or product branding.

We build website systems / platforms from scratch using latest available open source programs to create variations of amazing ideas. Every day, we gather different information on the internet how we can help more clients in an efficient and effective way.

We consistently design our system precised to our client needs. Our routine objective is to present honest, fair, transparent, documented and quality services to all our clients and offer them an Open Tech Support for their websites.

We make things simpler and focused on every goal and purposes. We build innovating front-end interfaces and make it as clean as possible in terms of Design Concept, Structure, Navigation and Functionality.

Innova Terra guaranteed all websites we developed are monitored and implements system check to keep up time, speed and away from bugs and errors.